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Monday April 29, 2019 18:10214

Get to know ‘A Passenger to Rey’ main character, shrine

Get to know Abdol-Azim Hassani who is the main character of ‘A Passenger to Rey’ before watching the ifilm series from April 29.

The trusted companion of Imam Hadi (AS), the tenth Shia Imam, was a faithful follower of the Prophet Muhammad. Also known as, Shah Abdol-Azim (King Abdol Azim) is believed to be born in the eight century.  He migrated to the Tehran suburban district of Rey out of persecution and eventually was entombed there.

The shrine of Shah Abdol-Azim with a magnificent golden dome houses the tomb of the eminent scholar who devoted his life to promoting humanitarian values preached by Islam.

He was one of the pious persons of his time. Below are some photos from the great man's mausoleum which has drawn many Iranians even to this day:

Here are also some comments published online from visitors to the famed shrine in Iranian province of Tehran.



Such a nice series with great acting, I guess.