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Monday May 6, 2019 08:55130

‘The Father’ hosts two Oscar-winning stars

Two Oscar-winning stars have been invited to play roles in ‘The Father’ by Florian Zeller.

Two Oscar-winning stars have been invited to play roles in ‘The Father’ by Florian Zeller.

According to Variety online magazine, ‘The Father’ directed by Florian Zeller will host two Oscar-winning stars Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman.

“Hopkins stars in the title role as a mischievous and highly independent man who, as he ages, refuses all assistance from his daughter Anne (Colman). Yet such help has become essential, following Anne’s decision to move to Paris with her partner. As Anne’s father tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and reality itself,” Variety reported.

Anthony Hopkins won Academy Award for leading role in ‘The Silence of the Lambs' by Jonathan Demme, and Olivia Colman won the Academy Award for Best Actress in ‘The Favourite’  by Yorgos Lanthimos.

Zeller, a novelist as well as a playwright, won the prestigious Prix Interallié for his novel “The Fascination of Evil.” The Guardian has described him as “the most exciting new theater writer of our time.”