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Monday May 6, 2019 18:19171

Interesting details on new ifilm series 'Father'

Sina Mehrad who appears in new ifilm series 'Father' has close family connection to French-Iranian actress Gloria Hardy.

The male lead in 'Father' is brother-in-law to popular ifilm actor Hardy who played in hit series 'Kimia'.

The actress is married to Sina's brother Saed Soheili and that the siblings are the sons of famed Iranian director Saeed Soheili who made many box office hits such as 'Guidance Patrol' and 'Patrol 2'.

Sina Mehrad AKA Sina Soheili was born into an artist family with his father Saeed Soheili as well as his sibling Saed being famous names in Iranian cinema.

He started amateur acting with a role in his father's flick 'Naked Night' (2001). Some years later at the age of 19, he made a comeback with stage acting in theater plays.

The actor's first appearance on the small screen came with 'The Recluse' (2014) before he shot to fame among TV audiences in the series ‘Father’ (2017). Most recently he appeared in his father's new offering 'Pig Gene' (2019).

ifilm has conducted an exclusive interview with Mehrad's sister-in-law here.