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Refugee crisis topic of new animation

Brand new Iranian animation ‘Border’ to highlight refugee crisis.

Iranian animation ‘Border’ directed by Hajar Aqaei and Mohammad Ali Abbas to cover issue of women and child refugees.

Currently in the production phase, the animated piece narrates the story of a female refugee who attempts to cross the border after a war breaks out in her country, only to be stopped by a soldier on duty who has feelings for her.

Director Hajar Aqaei whose animation is being made using the 2D technique, elaborated on the production stages, stating: “Although we’ve completed the background designs for the animation, we have yet to begin animating as the production company may decide to make some changes to the screenplay, which if accepted, may extend  the production deadline for ‘Border’ by a year.”

On her motive for the theme she had picked, Aqaei explained: “Mohammad Ali Abbas, the film’s other director had experienced war, witnessing the types of troubles women faced when being forced to migrate, so we decided to turn this subject into an animation.”

Aqaei concluded that the animation’s production team is still being formed.