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Wednesday May 15, 2019 16:1535

Behruz Afkhami to film 2019 Iran floods

Filmmaker Behrouz Afkhami is to embark on a new TV production about 2019 Iran floods.

The TV series named ‘Lightning’ has a comedy genre with a total of 10 to 15 main characters as well as 100 supporting roles.  

“I’ve made trips to several flood-affected areas and I intend to work on Iran recent floods in the series,” Afkhami told media.  

“The series is an adventure comedy, that is, I believe the recent floods were kind of adventures for many,” he added.

IRIB Channel 5 is scheduled to broadcast the series during 2020 Persian Nowruz holidays.

From mid-March to April 2019, widespread flash flooding affected large parts of Iran, most severely in Golestan, Fars, Khuzestan, Lorestan, and other provinces.

About 1,900 cities and villages and over 42,000,000 inhabitants across country have been damaged by severe floods as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to water and agriculture infrastructure.

Afkhami has directed a number of acclaimed movies such as ‘The Fox’, ‘Devil's Day’ and ‘The Bride’ aired by ifilm.

He has also ifilm TV series ‘Mirza Koochack Khan’ and ‘Operation 125’ in his resume.