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Wednesday May 15, 2019 19:06202

Aliram Nouraee talks with ifilm English fans

Popular ifilm star Aliram Nouraee has sent an exclusive message to ifilm English viewers.

In this video, Nouraee thanked his fans and showed gratitude for having the chance to have contact with ifilm viewers.

Born in 1977, ‌ Aliram Nouraee is a Computer Science graduate. He began his artistic career in 1997.

Nouraee learned acting in practice when he joined a student theatre troupe at Jahad Daneshgahi University.  In the same period, he acted in several plays at public halls of Tehran city and various festivals of student theatre.

He made his movie debut with ‘Dawn’ (2005) and his appearance in the TV series ‘A Sunny Night’ (2001) gained him some fame.

Nouraee has appeared in several TV series, including ‘Last Song of the Phoenix’ (2002), ‘Dirty Money’ (2003), ‘Jaber Bin Hayyan’ (2006), ‘Infiltration’ (2013) and ‘Matador’ (2013).

He has also taken part in various movies such as ‘The Golden Collars’ (2011), ‘The Eighth Day of The Week’ (2011), ‘Reparation’ (2011) and ‘Iran’s Orphanage’ (2014).

Besides acting, he is a coach of Parkour and Ninjutsu.