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Canada to host ceremony dedicated to Iran director Masoud Kimiaee

Toronto is to host a program planned to pay tribute to Iranian well-known director Masoud Kimiaee.

New Wave Artistic Group has planned a program to pay homage to eminent Iranian director, producer and screenwriter Masoud Kimiaee in Canada on May 25, 2019.

The program which is planned to be held in Parya Trillium Foundation will start with screening documentary ‘The Last Hero” by Javad Tousi. The doc is a remarkable insight into Kimiaee’s life and its impact on his works.

Following the screening of the documentary, a panel will discuss the role of Kimiaee in Iran’s cinema. They will also talk about Kimiaee’s cinema.

Almost 50 years ago, when Iranians were mostly attracted to the stars of the movies, Kimiaee drew the attention of the audience to himself as a director by making the box-office- success ‘Qeysar’. Accordingly, people got aware of the importance of the role of the directors in creating a film.

Kimiaee has influenced Iran’s film industry by ‘Qeysar’ and introduced many young new talents to the country’s cinema. A notable attribute of Kimiaee’s works is the use of slang and street language in his screenplays.

He has written, directed and produced ‘The Deer’ (1974), ‘The Deal’ (1994), ‘Banquet’ (1995), ‘Mercedes’ (1997), ‘Friday Soldiers’ (2003), ‘The Verdict’ (2004) and ‘Metropol’ (2013).

The eminent director has garnered a good number of awards for his artistic efforts including Jury’s Special Award for ‘Snake Fang’ (1989) at Montreal International Film Festival and Best Film Crystal Simorgh and Critics’ Award for ‘Crime’ (2010) at Fajr International Film Festival.

Parya Trillium Foundation has been created to establish a facility to provide culturally appropriate, Persian-language services to the Iranian-Canadian community, particularly seniors.