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‘Alexander’ director hides reality about Iran history: historian

In an exclusive report, Iran historian discusses the techniques that the director of anti-Iran movie ‘Alexander’ uses to hide reality about Iran.

In an exclusive report, Iran historian has discussed the techniques that the director of anti-Iran movie ‘Alexander’ uses to highlight the supremacy of European will over ancient Iran.

In a series of programs called Cinema VS History hosted by ifilm, Iran veteran historian Khosrow Motazed sheds light on the reality behind anti-Iran films produced by Hollywood.

The movie wants to depict Iran as a country that is vincible that has been defeated by a strong European will. The movie was made to highlight the fact that a European power demolished splendid Achaemenid Empire.

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The historian complements the movie from technical point of view, shooting stages, the number of warriors used, logical use of digital technology and visual effects but from historical point of view, he says, the movie distorts history.

Much of the movie is about when Alexander attacked Iran and his battles with Darush III. The film shows that Alexander leads a smaller army in comparison with the fully equipped Achaemenid Army but finally Alexander’s Army wins. In this movie, like other anti-Iran movies, the clothing system of Iranians is distorted and the director shows Iranians wearing clothes like Arab people.  

The director showcases the daughter of Darius III, who marries Alexander, as a black woman. In this movie, like other anti-Iran movies, how Iranians dress is distorted and the director depicts Iranians with clothes just like the Arabs.    

The movie shows Iran Army as a very weak army lacking strong leadership. This has its roots in the successive defeats that the European Army suffered from Iranian Army. To take revenge they show Iranian Army as a week Army that cannot resist and push back the European attackers.   

The director does not mention anything about the Alexandrian invaders looting Iranian cities and tries to depict Alexander as a commander with strong humanitarian feeling who behaves properly.