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Iran actress exclusive talk with ifilm on drug abuse

Iran actress Shahin Taslimi talks exclusively with ifilm on the drug abuse topic and the ways people should avoid it.

Iran actress Shahin Taslimi talks exclusively with ifilm on drug abuse and the way people should get around it.

The actress who has appeared in multiple ifilm series such as 'Goodbye Child' and 'Huge Problems 1, 2' told ifilm in an exclusive talk how people can avoid the drug abuse issue that many societies are currently wresting with.

She noted that a great sense of pride can sort out drug abuse in that those having self-confidence with a feeling of being good and worthy would never touch illegal drugs.

The actress also said when drug addicts on the street get busted by the police, this cannot be the solution as they should change their path through getting wise on detrimental effects of such bad habit.

As with other types of addiction such as using cell phone all too often, she said, "Strong humans should never get addicted at all."

Taslimi has also appeared in movies such as ‘Gold and Copper’ (2008), ‘Someone Wants to Talk to You’ (2011) and ‘Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz and Others’ (2013).