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Saturday May 25, 2019 12:2586

Babak Hamidiyan to play in ‘Crimes and Punishment’

Babak Hamidiyan has been set to go on stage with ‘Crimes and Punishment’.

Babak Hamidiyan, ifilm star of ‘Passing through the Hardships’, has been cast to go on stage with ‘Crimes and Punishment’.

Written and directed by Reza Servati, ‘Crimes and Punishment’ is a new adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s widely known and popular novel ‘Crime and Punishment’ with ‘The Recluse’ star appearing as the main role in the Russian story.

Born in 1980, Hamidiyan is an Iranian actor who started his career by acting in the theater.

He then made his cinematic debut in ‘My Father's Farm’.

Since then, he has appeared in movies, including ‘Qadamgah’, ‘Big Drum Under the Left Foot’, ‘A Little Kiss’, ‘God is Near’, ‘Down-and-Out’ and ‘Hussein Who Said No’.

‘Crime and Punishment’ narrates the story of Rodion Raskolnikov, a poverty-stricken former law student who lives in a tiny, rented room in Saint Petersburg. He devises a plan to murder and rob an elderly pawnbroker and live a prosperous life with the woman’s money. He kills the lender but what comes after that is a state of total confusion and a disarrayed mind.

The announced venue for the play is Roudaki Hall in Tehran.