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‘Father’ duo plays competition game

‘Father’ twosomes have had some playtime in an Iranian telecast by Rambod Javan.

Reyhaneh Parsa and Sina Mehrad, young onscreen couple of ifilm popular series ‘Father’, have had some playtime in an Iranian telecast directed by Rambod Javan.

‘Khandevaneh’ hosted the TV duo a while back and had them rival in ‘Competition in the studio’ as part of the show where they took their chance to guess the items on the LCD screen based on the sounds produced by their group mates.   

Reyhaneh Parsa and Sina Mehrad came to spotlight to ifilm viewers as Leila and Hamed right after on-screen love story of ‘Father’ hit ifilm playlist.  

Not only do the movie couple light up the screen, but their onscreen chemistry made viewers feel like they are really part of the story.  

Unlike Sina who has quite a resume in acting career, Reyhaneh Parsa stepped in front of the camera for the first time, landing her first-ever breakout role as Leila in ‘Father’; and has since become one of the most pursued young talents in Iran film industry.  

ifilm viewers could catch up with the remaining episodes of the series every night at 21:00 with next-day repeats at 02:00, 06:00 and 13:00 all GMT times.

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