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Hamidreza Pegah greets ifilm fans: ifilm exclusive

Popular ifilm actor Hamidreza Pegah has sent a message to ifilm English viewers.

Popular ifilm actor Hamidreza Pegah has sent a heartwarming message to ifilm English viewers.

The Sound of Rain’ star has sent a video message to ifilm English and greeted his fans on the channel.

Born in 1972, Hamidreza Pegah began acting in 1993 with the series ‘The Sixth Side’.

After his initial small screen experience, he began taking acting classes.

His subsequent performance in the TV series ‘Loaded Gun’ (1998-2002) threw him into the public spotlight.

Pegah has acted in a few television series, such as ‘Towards Life’ (1995), ‘Stay with Me’ (2002), ‘The Last Sin’ (2006), ‘Until Freedom’ (2011), ‘Visible and Invisible’ (2011), ‘Bewilderment’ (2011), ‘The Sound of Rain’ (2013), ‘Bluer Than the Moonlight’ (2013-2014), and ‘The Seventh Angle’ (2014).

He made his cinematic debut with ‘This Woman Won't Talk’ in 2002.

He has also appeared in other movies, including ‘The Confrontation’ (2004), ‘The Havana Brief’ (2004), ‘A Step in the Darkness’ (2007), ‘Deception’ (2008), ‘Capital Operation’ (2009), ‘The Bubble’ (2009), ‘Motherly’ (2009), ‘The Golden Collars’ (2011), and ‘Someone Wants to Talk to You’ (2011).

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