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Sunday June 2, 2019 22:1485

‘Father’ series director reveals success mystery

In an ifilm exclusive report, ‘Father’ series director talks about his success mystery in different film making projects.

 In an ifilm exclusive report, ‘Father’ series director Behrang Tofiqi has revealed the mystery behind his success in different film making projects.

Attending an interview for ifilm exclusive program called behind the scenes, ‘Father’ series director Behrang Tofiqi explains in brief for ifilm viewers the mystery behind his works which attracts people to spend time and watch the series directed by him.

He believes that in recent years he has received projects containing stories which are attractive for the mass viewers. That’s why people have shown positive reaction to them and the series made based on these stories succeeded to augment TV viewers.

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So far, Behrang Tofiqi  has directed a number of series including ‘Detour’ (2011), ‘A Beautiful Revolution’ (2014), ‘Ahmeen’ (2014), and ‘Rooftop of Tehran’ (2015).

Tofiqi has also made some movies such as ‘From Beyond the Grave’ (2009).

Besides directing, he has experiences in assisting director as well as planning and managing production.