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‘Father’ top 30 lines that can change your life – Part 1

ifilm makes a list of 'Father' top 30 dialogues.

There are movies that stay with us and there are movies we want to forget; but every once in a while we watch a movie that consumes us. With amazing scripts, skillful acting and fantastic direction, some movies/ series resonate with what is in our hearts. Such movies/ series inspire us with their dialogues and give away legendary quotes on many facets of life. In keeping with ifilmers’ common belief, ‘Father' has been selected as one of such TV productions.

Hard to choose among a vast number of inspiring lines, ifilm has finally scraped together 30 inspiring dialogues from recently ended ‘Father' that taught us many life lessons. Enjoy the first fifteen part of our selection.

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  • “Nobody really knows what God has in store for them.”
  • “Good thing about God is that He hides our destiny from us.”

  • Haj Ali: I remember many people would tell me that I never get to where I wanted.
  • Tofigh: Were they right?
  • Haj Ali: Yes, I went much farther ahead. Very far.

  • “When you run out of patience, don't back down and become intolerant. It’s only a test. This is what builds you and your character.”
  • “When you are a father, you have to have broad shoulders; broad enough to handle all of your family's worries, pains. You have to get used to asking how everyone's doing and take care of everyone. But you never have anyone ask you how you are doing, what's in your heart.”

  • “Loneliness is a human being's greatest pain but even worse than that is cowardice. Even if you have all the wealth in the world, you still cannot deal with cowards.”
  •  “There are things that an apology cannot fix.”

  • “The greatest people in life have had to deal with a rather difficult past. You don't become great of life as easy. People who can put those things behind them are the ones who truly grow up and mature into good people.”
  • “When you truly fall in love with someone, you gradually give them every single cell of your being. You don't completely realize it until they're gone.  And then you take a look at yourself and see nothing is left of you anymore.”

  • “God has given you the power and opportunity in life to seize every moment that you have and to tell yourself this is not the way, this is not going to be the end of me.”
  • “In order for a person to reach a hundred, he will need to have several tens.”
  • “Remember one thing about business. The money you have is not your main investment. That is a big misconception. The ones who work for you are the most valuable.”



To be continued ...