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'Kimia' director narrates thrilling spy thriller

Director of ifilm series Kimia presents new series 'Gando' in spy thriller genre.

Director of ifilm series Kimia, Javad Afshar, presents new series 'Gando' in spy thriller genre to thrill the audiences.

The captivating narrative of the series promises a good work from director of many ifilm series such as 'Brother' and 'Like a Mother'.

The series follows the story of an intelligence group tracking down espionage cases in Iran and blocking infiltration. The narration is fearless and updated.

One of the similarities between this series and those made on the international scale lies in its extensive production with eye-catching visual effects.

'Gando' specifically depicts how the meddling foreign powers approach important political figures through infiltration policy to deceive the higher-ups in a country without them knowing anything about such sinister plots.

The series is one-of-a-kind in terms of highlighting the devotions and sacrifices of Iranian intelligence forces to the nation.

In other words, the main characters of the series are the faithful soldiers to whom we Iranians are greatly indebted as the country's impeccable security is due to the perfect performance of these people.

A number of popular ifilm stars such as Daryoush Farhang, Leila Otadi, Sara Khoueeniha, are among the cast of Afshar’s series. International actors also appear in the series.