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Most touching moment from ‘Prophet Joseph’: ifilm exclusive

In an ifilm exclusive report, editor of ‘Prophet Joseph’ talks about the most touching scene from the popular series.

In an ifilm exclusive report, editor of ‘Prophet Joseph’ talks about the scene from the popular series that brings tears to the viewers.

‘Prophet Joseph’ editor, Hossein Zandbaf, said through the ifilm lens that the sequence depicting the healing of Zulaikha (Katayoun Riahi) who went blind was the most touching moment of the popular series.

In the series, Zulaikha fell in love with Prophet Joseph played by Mostafa Zamani to the extent that she had to go through unbearable experiences that included blindness.

He also disclosed to ifilm that the director of this series, Mr. Salahshour ,was crying during the editing stage of this scene at the time a miracle happens and Zulaikha regains her sight.

Salahshour directed and appeared in the movie ‘Prophet Job’ (1993). He also wrote, produced and directed the TV series ‘Prophet Joseph’ (2007).

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"I predicted the audiences would cry after watching this scene at home," Zandbaf said further of the scene.

Do let us know in the comments, how would you feel by watching this miraculous moment in 'Prophet Joseph' series.



That was so touching. Can you air this series again?