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New details on ‘Kingdom of Solomon’

New details emerge on status of ‘Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ series.

Producer Mohammad-Reza Ramezani has provided new details on ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ series.

The producer’s comments are a follow up to director Shahriyar Bahrani’s announcement earlier this spring that the highly successful movie ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ will continue its project as a series.

According to Ramezani, the religious epic was originally outlined into three parts with the original production of the 2008 film being based on the first part, and the remaining two parts set for later release dates as a follow up to the original.

After taking many factors into consideration, Ramezani along with Bahrani and producer of the original release Mojtaba Faravardeh eventually decided to continue the project as a series.

On the current status of the series the producer said: “The plan has been approved and we’re currently waiting for the estimates to be finalized and the screenplay to be written in line for a series.”

The duration of the project will take about five years, according to Ramezani, with one year for the screenplay and four years for production.

‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ depicts the story of Prophet Solomon, king of Judah and the son of King David, who asks God to grant him the ideal kingdom. But for this to happen, he has to face a world filled with evil and an imminent and brutal war.

When the leaders of different Israelite tribes reject his call for help, disaster strikes. Solomon is then faced with a world of evil, threatening his kingdom, followers, and even family…

The films cast featured Amin Zendegani, Mehdi Faqih, Elham Hamidi, Mahmoud Pakniyyat, Zahra Saeedi, Hossein Mahjoub, Javad Taheri, and Alireza Kamali-Nejad.

Having directed the movie and series ‘Saint Mary’, ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ was Bahrani’s third religious epic, and upon completion of the series, will be the second time he has created a series based on a previous movie.