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ifilm exclusive interview with ‘Kimia’ vocalist

‘Kimia’ vocalist sits for an exclusive interview with ifilm English TV.

Renowned Iranian vocalist Alireza Qorbani has shared his take on popular ifilm narrative ‘Kimia’ in an exclusive interview with the channel.

Qorbani expressed positive attitude towards the project saying, “I liked the screenplay a lot because it was narrated in three different phases, starting from 1971 till the end of war.”

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Being selected by a panel of big screen connoisseurs as one of the most brilliant soundtracks among Iranian films and TV series, ‘Kimia’ score, as put by Qorbani, has been a collaboration between the composer Arman Mousapour, and director Javad Afshar, and was created in tandem with the story to steadily enhance the narrative onscreen.  

Kimia’ has been one of the many Iranian screening productions for which Alireza Qorbani has performed the score music.

Some of the other well-known soundtracks performed by Qorbani include the score piece for ‘The Recluse’, ‘The British Briefcase’, ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘Zero Degree Turn’, and ‘Leila’s Loneliness’, all of which have been aired by ifilm English.