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Saturday June 15, 2019 15:04445

'Kingdom of Solomon' director talks with ifilm

'The Kingdom of Solomon’ director Shariyar Bahrani sits for an exclusive talk with ifilm.

Director of weekend movie ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the ProphetShahriyar Bahrani has opened up about his much-appluded narrative in an exclusive talk with ifilm.

Bahrani, who has also been at the helm of ifilm popular series ‘Saint Mary’, has talked to the channel about the hardships his crew has gone through in making the film that is based on a true story from the holy Quran.

‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ enjoys modern production of visual effects which has been ground-breaking and the first of its type in Iran.

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Besides the difficulties in the production stage, according to the director, the story itself is a complicated one and that is another reason why this was a heavy project to develop. Plus, it must be comprehensible for the viewers who are normally used to watching simpler stories.

Further in the talk, Bahrani explains why his movie does not pay enough attention to personification. He says when a director is dealing with a story from the holy Quran, s/he must be loyal to it without making much change.