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Tuesday June 18, 2019 14:09167

ifilm talks with ‘The Daughters of Eve’ actor

In an ifilm exclusive interview, ‘TheDaughters of Eve’ actor Iraj Rad talkes about his experience in working with multilingual actors.

In an ifilm exclusive interview, ‘TheDaughters of Eve’ actor Iraj Rad has talked about his experience in working with multilingual actors.

 Iraj Rad is one of the most famous and most loved Iranian actors who rose to fame by playing the role of Naser al-Din Shah of Qajar dynasty in Amir Kabir series.

Iraj Rad, who usually plays role at everlasting works in both cinema and theater with famed directors, has succeeded to become famous among different social classes.

He played a different role in ‘Zero Degree Turn’ series, directed by Hassan Fathi, and showed his ability to do the job well.

ifilm has conducted an interview with the famed actor in Persian selected parts of which is translated in English.

ifilm: You have the experience of working with multilingual actors. Is it a difficult job to do?

Iraj Rad: In my opinion, the correctness of an actor’s performance is not related to whether that actor works with a multilingual group of actors or not. This matter has no influence on the performance of the actor but it is natural that this issue makes it more difficult.

ifilm: You attend on theater stage more than works for TV or cinema. What is your evaluation of theater stage atmosphere?

Iraj Rad: Theater is in good condition. The plays which we have inherited from past are very rich from the view point of content. But they have not been performed in the rich way that they have been written. We have had great playwrights who have penned them down in the past. We have to study on the ways that they have to change to be qualified for modern performance. Unfortunately, nowadays, we have playwrights who write the plays in western style. They do not write plays based on our traditional style of play writing. This issue has lead to generation gap among our playwrights. There must be some training classes for the modern day playwrights to make them familiar with our tradition in this field.    

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