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Monday June 24, 2019 14:16187

‘300’ contains foolish content: Historian

Iran historian discusses the way ‘300’ producers distort Iran history by foolish, untrue content.

In an exclusive report, Iran historian Khosrow Motazed has discussed the way ‘300’ producers distort Iran history by foolish, untrue content.

In a series of programs called Cinema VS History hosted by ifilm, Iran veteran historian Khosrow Motazed sheds light on the reality behind some historical films produced by Hollywood.

In this edition, the historian discusses the ill will of the ‘300’ producers and the company behind them as the root cause for the distortion of Iran great history.

According to the historian, the movie depicts fake picture out of Iranians and their king Xerxes (the fifth king of kings of the Achaemenid dynasty of Persia) by distorting their appearance. The king and the Iranians' appearance are distorted in two ways. First, the makeup is done in a way to bring about monstrous body shapes out of the members of Iranian army and their king who, in the movie, behaves like people who are far from civilization.  

Second, the movie also shows Iranian army as a group of soldiers without any military training who just shed blood of the innocent people and attacked a civilized land. They are shown as soldiers who kill people, burn the cities, and demolish symbols of civilization. The producers also try to show the Iranian army as weak and unsystematic which could not resist the organized army of Greece.

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