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Monday June 24, 2019 16:30169

‘Four Wheels’ director lauds Hamid Lolaee acting

In a media interview, director of ifilm series ‘Four Wheels’ praises his lead’s performance.

In a media interview,  director of ifilm series ‘Four Wheels’ Javad Mazd-Abadi praises performance of his lead Hamid Lolaee.

The director of ‘Four Wheels’ shared his view of the lead in his comedy series, saying in the interview that “Mr. Lolaee is one of the best actors in the comedy genre who has fairly good capability in featuring very much different roles.”

He added that his performance in the series was quite satisfying.

Regarding the comedy in this series, the director noted, “In this sit-com, we did our best not to use any superficial or low-level comedy.”

‘Four Wheels’ has a beautiful story as it revolves around characters featuring the less-fortunate people in society who have great desires but cannot fulfill them due to lack of means.

Love of cars is the subject-matter in this series with sugar-coated humor presentation and well-beneath there are realities for the viewers to catch.

While the story’s backdrop in many similar Iranian series requires a fantasy setting, the director has chosen realistic presentation to make all characters believable for the audiences.  

 Lolaee has appeared in 'Homeless' (2004), 'Sweet and Sour' (2007), 'Checkered' (2007), 'A Message from the Afterlife' (2007), 'Right on Time' (2008), 'The Passengers' (2009), 'The Occupiers' (2010), 'Cops and Robbers' (2012), and 'Rooster' (2013).

Javad Mazd Abadi graduated in industrial design from Tehran University. He has directed films, series and movies, such as ‘Featherless Peacocks’ (2008), ‘Dad's Guest’ (2009) and ‘Four Wheels’ (2011).