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When Mostafa Zamani speaks English, Arabic: ifilm cut

In an ifilm cut from ‘Farewell Baghdad’, Mostafa Zamani has spoken Arabic and English.

Mostafa Zamani, who turned into an international heartthrob with ‘Prophet Joseph’, speaks Arabic and English in an ifilm cut from ‘Farewell Baghdad’ movie.

In this anti-war movie set during the 2003 invasion of the Iraqi capital, Zamani plays an Iraqi math teacher who lost his family on the 29 March Baghdad bombings.

Disguised as a woman, he plans to blow himself up at a restaurant on Christmas Day in 2009. There, he suddenly discovers a picture of himself on the wall where everything takes a new turn.

Zamani, a young man of rare, staggering talent, has brought the required amount of breathless desperation to his role as a war-torn Iraqi math teacher who has to tear down his character as the film proceeds — not to mention his adept sense of versatility in speaking Arabic.  

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‘Farewell Baghdad’ by Mehdi Naderi was selected as the Iranian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards.