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What is love to Mostafa Zamani?

Get to know things you did not know about Mostafa Zamani and his take on love.

Mostafa Zamani tells his fans the story of his love and unveils some personal facts no one knew about him.

When you are a fan, you normally want to know details about your favorite star's life that might be too personal that you cannot find them just anywhere. Therefore, if you are a fan of ‘Prophet Joseph’ star Mostafa Zamani, here you can find out the answer to some of your questions.

1. Zamani has fallen in love recently and he defines love as a feeling that occurs to you when you have lost your strength to realize how good you are. So, you will look for virtues in another person.

2. He is not used to taking salt with his food.

3. He snores when asleep.

4. He is a real football enthusiast. He believes he is a football guru and his knowledge on this sport is even more profound than some experts.

5. His best friends are Homayoun Ershadi and Farhad Ayish.

6. He does hardly ever cry. But, he wept when Abbas Kiarostami passed away.

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