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Friday July 12, 2019 18:27227

'Dark Intelligence' presents cyber crime, cyber police: ifilm exclusive

Recent ifilm series highlights the importance of cyber police through the small screen.

ifilm series 'Dark Intelligence 1' highlights the importance of cyber police and cyber crime through the small screen, ifilm exclusive review says.

All police series made and shown by Iranian TV channels before 'Dark Intelligence 1' neglected the fact that a wide array of crime stories that police offers should deal with has nothing to do with the physical world as in the digital era many cases of crime occur online.

The series is for sure considered an impressive breakthrough in the history of Iranian TV series themed on police activities in cyberspace.

Even some media reports made the claim that the idea of launching Cyber Police Department in Iran was inspired by the stories narrated in this series and the great feedback audiences provided for further follow-up with the government officials.  

The starting point for the director’s series was way back when he had already made a movie titled ‘Online Murder’ as well as telefilm ‘Unloaded Magazine’ with the theme of cyber crime and cyber police.

However, in the case of 'Dark Intelligence 1', the police genre fits well into the storyline as compared with the movie and telefilm made by director Masoud Abparvar.

Another interesting element in the series was featuring a “super digital criminal”, as the director once said in a media interview, to connect various episodes of the series. The digi criminal represents those people who are super bright in terms of intelligence, though they turn it into the dark dye as the series’ name suggests, creating trouble for ordinary citizens who live a decent life.

Iranian cop series are commonly striving to feature police officers in a rigid form without focusing on the human side of those working in the law enforcement department in Iran. This is while ‘Dark Intelligence’ series with the professional cast and great actors such as Hossein Yari could break down stereotypes by presenting a real picture of Iranian police officer as a localized identity.

Such identity embodies strong favorable human characteristics such as Islamic kindness, sociability and helpfulness. The series portrays these characteristics of Iranian police being merged with professionalism and intelligence.