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ICFF announces national, int’l short features lineups

The 32nd Int’l Film Festival for Children and Youth announces lineups for national, int’l short film competitions.

The 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth (ICFF) in Isfahan has announced the lineups for national and international short film competitions.

Javad Hatami, Hossein Sheikhol-Eslam, Nadereh Torkmani, Soheil Movaffaq, and Hamed Jafari have selected the following films to compete at the national section:

1- ‘Marine Boy’ (Son of the Sea) by Abbas Jalali-Yekta

2- ‘Rouged’ by Morteza Asemani and Majid Abbasi

3- ‘Wild Plum’ by Farid Hashemzadeh

4- ‘Last Class Bell’ by Heidar-Ali Rahmani-Qahdarijani

5- ‘Safar Kelvin’ by Sobhan Vaqei, Ali Feizipour, and Mehdi Salem

6- ‘Horrification’ by Milad Mohammadi and Hossein Darabi

7- ‘Future Story’ by Meisam Maleki-Pour and Mohammad Hosseini-Bozorgi-Rad

8- ‘Wireless’ by Mohammad-Hossein Amani and Hossein Darabi

9- ‘For Amir’ by Javad Hokmi and Mohammad-Reza Kheradmandan

10- ‘Classmate’ by Mojtaba Heidari and Hossein Darabi

Jamal Omid, Mohammad Hamidi-Moqadam, Raed Faridzadeh, Farzad Azhdari, and Hamed Soleimanzadeh have selected the following films to compete at the festival’s international section:

1- ‘Bog Hole’ by Torfinn Iversen from Norway

2- ‘Cycle-Cycle’ by Kanai Junichi from Japan

3- ‘In Love with Cinema’ by Asghar Nurakan from Kyrgyzstan

4- ‘Nine Steps’ by Moisés Romera from Spain

5- ‘You Are Here’ by Mikhail Pelisko from Russia

6- ‘The Dust’ by Dale Reidews from Latvia

7- ‘Ronaldo’ by Recipe Bezgoz from Turkey

8- ‘Cleats’ by Abdullah Şahin from Turkey

9- ‘Maja’ by Marijana Jankovic from Denmark

According to the 32nd ICFF website, the event aims to enhance the cinematic products of this age bracket and introduce the top works in national and international arenas.

The festival aims to promote ethical values such as family unity, appropriate lifestyle, respect for humanity, self-esteem, social responsibility, environmental protection and it also seeks to create awareness of the uprising future challenges.

The ICFF is organized annually by the Iranian Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs, Farabi Cinema Foundation and the Municipality of Isfahan.

Showcasing quality national and international films and works for children and young adults; creating a platform for the presence of professionals and cineastes active in the cinema industry for children and young adults; boosting collaboration and production of films for children and young adults by creating interaction among creators, experts and the audience; and promoting knowledge transfer and exchange of products of high artistic value, capable of contributing to cultural as well as social growth are among main objectives of the festival.

The 32nd ICFF is slated for August 19-28, 2019 in the Iranian historic city of Isfahan.