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Wednesday August 14, 2019 09:45199

New Iranian series featuring ‘Kimia’ actor starts rolling

New Iranian series has started filming with actor of ifilm hit series 'Kimia' on the cast list.

New Iranian series 'Lioness' (Ildad) has started filming stage with Pouriya Poursorkh, actor of ifilm hit series 'Kimia', on the cast list.

The series themed on Iraq-Iran war kicked off shooting concurrent with the auspicious religious occasions of Eid al-Adha.

Others joining Poursorkh in the series include the likes of  Siamak Adib and Kourosh Soleimani.

Earlier this week, the actor of hit series 'Kimia' had a wardrobe/make-up test for director Rama Qavidel's TV offering with some fascinating locations in western Iran reportedly to be framed in the project.

Ilda literally means a tribe’s mother in the dialect of people living in the western part of Iran. The connotative meaning of the term refers to a strong female leader as compared to a lioness.  

Ali-Reza Sebt-Ahmadi noted, "This series depicts both men and women in Iran picking up the gun to defend their homeland alongside each other." 

Poursorkh has appeared in many series, including ‘The Spiritualists’ (2006), ‘Day of Envy’ (2008), ‘The Redemption’ (2009), ‘Free Fall’ (2011), ‘Matador’ (2012) and ‘Kimia’ (2015).