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Zohreh Hamidi gives ifilmers life advice

Zohreh Hamidi gives life advice to ifilmers.

ifilm ‘Passion to Fly’ star Zohreh Hamidi gives some great life advice to everyone wants to live a happy life.

“My advice to everyone out there is to have love and kindness as much as you can. Kindness works everything out. It solves everything.”

As a bereaved mother who has lost her son, Hamidi shares the idea that from the moment of birth, every human being needs love … “Love and kindness are two things that human being cannot replace them with anything else at all.”

Hamidi has experienced playing various characters in many films and TV series; and now at 62, she believes that “Kindness is the ultimate feeling of mankind.”

Known as a lady with gentle smile, Zohreh Hamidi says kindness and love towards other human beings make us closer to our God.

She concludes her outlook on life with a poem from popular Persian poet Hafez, “For years my heart was in search of the Grail, What was inside me, it searched for, on the trail.”