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‘Worlds Apart’ actor talks most-watched series point

Shahrokh Estakhri, star of 'Worlds Apart', talks to ifilm about the peak of 50-eposide TV series.

Shahrokh Estakhri with starring role in ifilm series 'Worlds Apart' talks on when the peak of 50-eposide TV productions arrives.

The actor said in an exclusive talk backstage of series 'Flying at Zero Altitude', "Fifty-episode series usually make their best viewership rates after 16, 17 or 20 episodes have been aired."

"I think if it gains good publicity and other TV channels get to show the series trailer, this could make good viewership rates," the actor adds.

In his new series, the actor plays the role of a pilot in a story set during the time of Iraq-Iran war. He has to struggle with the call of duty on one side and on the flip side, his wife's health conditions for being prone to stress due to her heart problem. This makes him think twice about his career.