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Saturday October 5, 2019 18:15310

Variety reveals review on ifilm pick 'The Deserted Station'

US film magazine Variety has published rave review on ifilm weekend's flick.

US film magazine Variety has published rave review on ifilm weekend's flick ' The Deserted Station'.

In the review released by Variety from the pen of Ronnie Scheib, Iranian director Alireza Raeesian's featured was praised in terms of plot as depicting “simplicity” with a couple “stranded in a village in the middle of nowhere when their car breaks down.”

The review adds, “Beneath the innocent-seeming surface, though, swirl unsettling images of gutted railway cars, deformed children and stillborn sheep.”

The flick is “credited as based on a story, theme or draft by Abbas Kiarostami. In any case, it’s easy to spot many of the maestro’s signature themes: the urban visitors out of their element in the country, their dependency on some form of technology that breaks down, their interaction with the locals, particularly with the children and a fascination with all forms of education.”

Leila Hatami's award-winning performance in Montreal fest described as nuanced in the flick as well.

The piece also said the movie’s technicalities are “uniformly excellent,” lauding Hossein Zandbaf’s editing as “never force the rhythms and Mohammad Aladpoush’s serene lensing.”

‘The Deserted Station’ is scheduled to go on ifilm English TV screen on October 5, 2019.