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Sunday October 20, 2019 20:48132

Iranian ‘Labyrinth’ publishes trailer prior to premiere

Iranian film ‘Labyrinth’ reveals trailer prior to its premiere in the country.

Directed by Amir-Hossein Torabi, the film ‘Labyrinth’ has published a trailer prior to its premiere in Iran.

‘Labyrinth’ is a social drama which shows the challenges that a married couple experience in life.

“Life is like a complicated labyrinth. Everybody is searching a way to escape this labyrinth but there is just one exit and you can’t find it unless you reach the center”.

Besides Shahab Hosseini as the lead role, Ghazaleh Nazar, Fariba Jeddikar, Alireza Sanifar and Sareh Bayat star in the movie as well.

The script of the film has been written by Iranian scriptwriter Tala Motazedi.

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