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Saturday November 9, 2019 18:5763

Check out ifilm mystery pick with ting of fear for this weekend

Don’t miss out on mystery movie ‘Vertigo’ to be aired on ifilm for this weekend.

Here is a mystery to be unraveled with a tinge of fear and uncertainty directed by Masoud Abparvar who is a familiar face to ifilmers with series such as ‘Operation 125’ and ‘Dark Intelligence 1,2’.

The movie, produced by Ali-Akbar Rezaee and directed by Masoud Abparvar, reviews the story of Mahtab, a successful lawyer who lives a quiet life with her husband, Farhad, who is an archeologist.

When Farhad dies in a car crash on a trip to Hamedan, Mahtab's life is turned into a living hell as she finds out about her husband's shady past and becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue and deceit revolving around a priceless antique book.

ifilm’s feature ‘Vertigo’ has been scheduled to be aired on November 9, 2019.