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Iran’s film ‘Domino’ on screen in Bulgaria

12th Sofia Menar filmfest in Bulgaria is screening Iranian film ‘Domino’.

Directed by Laleh Barzegar, the Iranian film ‘Domino’ is screening at the 12th Sofia Menar Film Festival in Bulgaria.

Barzegar started filming the flick last year in Iran.

‘Domino’ narrates the story of a young girl named Yalda.

Yalda is studying and working at the same time; she is trying to manage her busy life and solve her married life problems. But handling all the problems is harder than she thought.

The cast of the film includes Sonia Sanjari, Keivan Mohammadi, Arash Afif, Nasim Bahadori, Farokh Mehr-Keivan and Mohammad-Reza Barzegar.

The fest makes the Bulgarian audience familiar with the culture and traditions of the Islamic world.

It also presents the best feature films, documentaries and short projects from the Middle East and North Africa.

Sofia Menar fest is running from January 15 to January 31, 2020.

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