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Sunday April 23, 2017 16:45309

University of Belgrade keeps Persian manuscripts

Precious literary and historical Persian manuscripts are kept at University of Belgrade in Serbia, Persian lit. professor says.

Several valuable literary and historical Persian manuscripts are hosted by University of Belgrade in Serbia.

Persian literature professor Saeed Safari who teaches at University of Belgrade said in a note to the media on Sunday that the collection is kept at” the main library” of the university, adding, “Vast resources of the Persian language and literature have gone beyond borders, reaching the Balkans.”

"Svetozar Markovic" Library is the oldest and biggest university library in Serbia. The most important user groups are students, university lecturers and researchers, but it is also open for general public and users from abroad. The Library collection consists of 1.5 million objects and tens of thousands of electronic books and papers are also accessible in the library.

Five reading rooms, computer reading rooms and free courses on library services and search of electronic resources are available for users.

The library hosts manuscripts of Persian literary masterpieces dating back to 400 years back, including works by great Iran poets Sa’di and Hafiz.

The official language of Iran is Persian. It is the language of government and public instruction and is the mother tongue of many Iranians. Learning the Persian language is what many across the globe are sought after.