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Russian CINEMA KIDS honors Iran’s ‘The Souvenir’

Iran short ‘The Souvenir’ wins honors at Int’l &Native Children’s Film Festival in Russia.

Iranian short film ‘The Souvenir’ has won honors at International & Native Children’s Film Festival ‘CINEMA KIDS’ in Russia.

The third edition of the Russian kids’s event has bestowed its Special Prize to the short directed by Bakhtiyar Khalili.

‘The Souvenir’ narrates the story of a little boy who lives in a remote village in Kordestan province of Iran. Once, the kid orders something from the city to treat his mother’s headache with it but some events will take place.

The Zero Plus International Children’s and Youth Film Festival in Russia and the Kolibri International Festival of Audiovisual Production for Children and Adolescence in Bolivia have been a number of the int’l events to host the flick.

The short has also attended the Walthamstow International Film Festival in the UK where it won three nominations.

The International &Native Children’s Film Festival ‘CINEMA KIDS’ aims to preserve the national and global traditions. It also means to create a platform for the writers to share expertise.

This year edition of the event held online for the coronavirus pandemic.