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Role attractions for Laleh Marzban: ifilm exclusive

Laleh Marzban tells ifilm about her role attractions in series ‘My Mother’.

Laleh Marzban, the actor who brings to life a character in ‘My Mother’, has told ifilm about her role in the series.

In this report, the young star tells what about her role in the brand-new series appeals most to her.

Marzban explains how she was scripted to portray a young woman of her own same age and how that acts like a catalyst for her to understand it more.

She goes on to say that Afarin, her character in the show, is a young, happy, energetic free soul. There is this thing about Afarin that distinguishes her from the rest of women her age and that is the fact that she is so much well-disciplined and has some strict boundaries in some aspects of her life.

Born in 1994, Marzban made her way to the world of acting early on at the age of 16 with Masoud Abparvar’s ‘Dark Intelligence’ where she played a small role.

Since then, she has been in a number of TV and cinematic works such as ‘Under the Smoky Roof’, ‘Damascus Time’, ‘Setayesh 3’ and the most recent ‘New Moon Hotel’.

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