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Iran filmmaker to make ‘Return’ to Mister One-Minute Festival

Iranian young filmmaker Mostafa Gholami makes way to Mister Vorky One-Minute and Short Film Festival in Serbia.

Iranian young filmmaker Mostafa Gholami has made way into the Mister Vorky One-Minute and Short Film Festival in Serbia.

Gholami will be attending the 8th edition of the Mister Vorky Inte’l Festival of One-Minute and Short Films with his short film ‘Return’.

To provide the cultural background for organ donation by brain dead patients, Mostafa Gholami, a short film director, tries to make a simple but impressive short film about a child staring at the clock in a hospital and waiting for organ transplantation for his father.

However, as such ideas have now become commonplace and have no considerable effect on viewers, the director decides to break with the tradition and produce a film with one plan which uses no additional actors or characters.

‘Return’ is a 60-second short film about self-sacrifice and organ donation in the social genre. This film shows one minute of the vital and critical life stage of a patient in need of transplantation. The clock hands show 23:59, indicating that the patient's life will end 60 seconds later; and the clock body becomes white and the image loses its brightness simultaneously while the second is rotating, which indicates despair, end of life, and a color change in the patient's life.

The second hand stops at the second "45", and the image also gets blurry. Then, it suddenly gets clear and the clock body returns to its normal color and the image becomes as bright as it originally was. The second continues its path.

The patient's life was saved in the final moments and the organ donation was performed successfully.

In April 2019, ‘Return’ made its global debut in the competition program of the 60 Second Intl. Film Festival - 60SIFF in Pakistan. To make its second international appearance, the flick attended the 7th Lift-Off Global Network Sessions in the UK in 2019.

Following its global premiers, ‘Return’ made its third hit in the 3rd edition of the Wirksworth 3 Minute Film Festival in the UK. In December 2019, Gholami made finalist in the 1st Big Syn International Short Film Festival in the UK where it won the special mention award of the event.

The accolades go on with making the semi-finalist at the 3rd Annual Video Art + Film Festival held in 2019 in California.  

Iran’s short film ‘Heaven’ by Reza Moayedi is also present at the event on behalf of Iran.

Mister Vorky promotes the best one-minute and short films from all continents.

The 2020 edition of the festival will be held in the Serbian town of Ruma on August 19-23.