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Iranian TV series ‘Kimia’ being dubbed into Urdu

‘Kimia’ is being dubbed into the Urdu language that is spoken in Pakistan and India.

Popular Iranian TV series ‘Kimia’ by Javad Afshar is being dubbed into the Urdu language that is spoken in Pakistan and India.

As announced by the director of the Urdu Channel of the Iranian international TV network, Sahar, the 110-episode ‘Kimia’ will be soon ready in Urdu language.

The dubbing project began in 2018 by a group of veteran Indian voice actors. As of now, the first sixty episodes of the series are being dubbed, and they expect to finish the project by March 2021.

‘Kimia’, written by Masoud Behbahaninia, tells the life story of an Iranian woman named Kimia Parsa in three phases from the 1970s until the present times. We follow Kimia as she experiences the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Saddam Hossein’s imposed war on the country and also the present day. Kimia’s life is ravaged by pain and sorrow. Still, she refuses to give up hope and carries on.

Pragya Jha, an Indian voice actor, has lent her voice to Kimia in this series, which was aired by Iranian TV from September 2015 to February 2016. ifilm English TV also broadcasted the series in 2018.  

‘Kimia’ was selected as the best series at the Jame Jam Television Festival in 2018, which is organized annually by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) to honor its top TV programs and films.  

In 2016, Iran’s Art Bureau also nominated Afshar for the title of the Islamic Revolution Artist of the Year.

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