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This series to remind you of ‘The British Briefcase’

New Iranian historical series has been produced, reminding the viewers of the setting in which ‘The British Briefcase’'s story unfolds.

New Iranian historical series 'The Canvas and the Lady' has been produced, reminding the viewers of the setting in which ifilm hit series ‘The British Briefcase’ was filmed.

The series directed by Saeed Soltani depicts a story at the intersection of love, religion, and politics. In this regard as well as the historical period in which the series is set, 'The Canvas and the Lady' has a lot in common with ifilm's 'The British Briefcase'.

'The British Briefcase' also revolves around politics, patriotism and betrayal. It is the story of the old and the new. A young lawyer fresh from Europe arrives in his hometown; he is decided to make a difference by running for parliament elections. He has to compete with a rich and powerful lord and his arrogant son who will do anything in their power to keep the ruling under his own politics; even though his politics often clashes with the traditions of his local people. 

ifilm website has a surprise for the viewers. You can view selected parts of the new historical series in the attached music video with a theme song. named 'Meeting'.