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A collection of Modiri’s interviews with ifilm actors

ifilm brings you a collection of Mehran Modiri’s interviews with well-known Iranian actors.

Mehran Modiri, an Iranian veteran actor, has interviewed many Iranian actors in his show ‘The Gathering’.

ifilm has a collection of these interviews that bring you more information about your favorite actors. Some of these precious talks are as follows:

Mehdi Fakhimzadeh attended ‘The Gathering’ TV show hosted by Mehran Modiri and opened up about his career. Fakhimzadeh, ifilm actor in the series ‘Top Secret’, has answered the challenging question, "Can money buy us everything?”

Here you can know his answer: Can money buy us everything? ifilm actor answers

Felora Sam, director of ifilm series ‘The Colonel's Garden’, who is among the few Iranian female directors making TV series talks about features of her native dialect. She switches to this beautiful dialect for a few minutes and deviates from the Tehrani accent, showing how the famed Iranian director is positively biased in favor of the Shirazi regional dialect.

Here you can hear her dialect: Iran female director talks on English voc etymology

Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia has revealed the message of his wedding card On Mehran Modiri’s TV show. He recited the rather unusual message inscribed on his wedding card.

To know what was written on his wedding card visit: Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia reveals wedding card

Mehran Ahmadi, ifilm actor in the series ‘Until Being with Sorayya’, has opened up about his path to reach the acting career in an interview. He gave some details about the hardships that he undertook to become a successful actor.

To know his story check: I had no room for mistake: Mehran Ahmadi

Saman Ehteshami has for the first time performed diversity pieces on ‘The Gathering’. To hear the amazing piece visit:

 Saman Ehteshami stages combo Piano solo on Iran TV

Iran composer recital on ‘Gathering’ – part 2

Sara Bahrami also attended the show and revealed new information about her life. She says “I read novels; lots of them. That’s one of my most pleasurable activities”.

To know more about Bahrami visit: Actress talks of her life in ‘Gathering’

Niyousha Zeyghami, one of the most popular actresses of Iran, answers questions about her bodyguard. Let’s read her interview to see what she thinks about having a bodyguard: Actress talks of her life in ‘Gathering’