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US actor Jim Carrey transformed into fly, joined by second fly

US actor Jim Carrey is featured in a live show as the fly appearing during a vice-presidential debate attended by Mike Pence.

US comedian/actor Jim Carrey appears in a live show as the fly on Mike Pence’s head during a vice-presidential debate.

The Canadian actor who is back again on Saturday Night Live as Joe Biden played the role of the fly on Pence’s head along with US actor Kenan Thompson who appeared as the second fly featuring a reincarnated Herman Cain - the former presidential candidate who died due to coronavirus earlier this year after attending a Trump rally.

The fly landed on Mike Pence’s head during last Wednesday’s vice presidential debate. Carrey is transformed into that fly on the SNL show, in a plot copied from the 1986 horror movie ‘The Fly’.The thespian begins his part before being joined by the second fly, which is played by Thompson. 

You can view the surprise appearances of these two actors in the attached video.