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Saeed Aqakhani calls for works to honor health professionals

Saeed Aqakhani calls for productions to honor health workers’ sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iranian actor, writer and director Saeed Aqakhani has stressed the significance of making productions to honor the sacrifices health workers make to fight the novel coronavirus.

He noted that Iranian people appreciate the efforts of the healthcare workers, saying it was reflected in social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

Referring to the sacrifices of the healthcare professionals who risk their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, the actor stressed that the artists should “utilize cultural and artistic tools” to portray those efforts and the health workers’ humanitarian ethics.

“The creation of works of art in the form of performing arts is essential” for perpetuating the efforts of the health workers, he said.

“In fact, these works will become unique and lasting,” Aqakhani added.

The popular actor also called on people to take preventive measures and help the health workers in defeating the virus.