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Iranian-Afghan flick's director greets Busan audience online

Director of Iranian-Afghan flick has released an online video clip, greeting the audience at the 2020 Busan Film Festival in South Korea.

Director of Iranian-Afghan flick 'Drowning in Holy Water' has released an online video clip, greeting the audience willing to watch his film at the 2020 Busan Film Festival in South Korea.  

Navid Mahmoudi said in the video that he is not happy that he cannot watch his flick alongside the audience at the 2020 Busan fest due to the pandemic, adding, "My film is about identity which" everyone must have dealt with it at some point in their life in one way or another.

Born in Afghanistan, Navid Mahmoudi moved to Iran along with his family when he was six years old. Having started his professional career as an assistant director, he directed his own short films whilst producing other works.  

 He produced his first feature film 'A few Cubic Meters of Love' (2014) directed by his brother Jamshid Mahmoudi, which was premiered at the Busan International Film Festival.

"A young Afghan couple is trying to leave Afghanistan in hope of finding a better life. To execute this plan, they first illegally arrive in Iran by bus" and go through some unsettling difficulties, a short synopsis for Kim Jiseok Award-nominated film at Busan 2020 reads.

Director Navid Mahmoudi illustrates the life of the diaspora through this flick as well as dozens of TV films, several shorts, and feature films.

The 25th Busan International fest is set to run October 21-30. 

You can watch the video here.