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‘Kimia’ series to show revolutionary hardship

The titular role of 'Kimia' series is in danger tonight on ifilm screen.

Don't miss out on the upcoming episode of 'Kimia' series' as the titular role is in danger tonight on ifilm screen.  

Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the revolutionary forces had to go through hell to spread the spiritual and enlightening words of the late founder of the Revolution, Imam Khomeini. Most of these revolutionaries had to transcribe the verbatim of Imam Khomeini's addresses to the nation before sending out copies in back and white. 

Back in the 1970s, there was no internet or mobile phone and they spread the message of the Islamic Revolution manually by making copies bearing the words of Imam Khomeini.  

The historical series 'Kimia' perfectly depicts such hardship people had to face before the victory of their revolution.  

In the next episode of Kimia', you can feel how far a revolutionary can go to inform the public of the Islamic Revolution message. Here is the episode if you would like to watch right now on ifilm website.