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‘Gando’ wins at Chicago Southland Int’l FilmFest

The 2020 Chicago Southland Int’l FilmFest in the US awards Iranian documentary ‘Gando’.

Iranian documentary ‘Gando’ has garnered the Best Documentary Short award at the 2020 Chicago Southland International Film Festival (CSIFF) in the US.

Directed by Teimour Qaderi, ‘Gando’ narrates the story of a little girl named Hawa, who lives in a village in Iran’s Sistan and Balouchestan Province.

She has been attacked by a crocodile and lost her arm.

The little girl shown in the flick is one of many kids in the province who have to travel long paths to fetch water from ponds where Gandos (a type of crocodile local to the south of Iran) reside.

The little kids are attacked by the wild reptiles and as a result they are either eaten alive or mutilated.

The 8-minute flick has already been screened at a number of global events, including the Picknic Film Festival in Spain and the EBS International Doc Festival in South Korea.

The best film award at the Humboldt International Film Festival in the US is among the honors gained by the short flick.

According to the CSIFF official website, the event “provides an opportunity for filmmakers of all ages to share their works.  By doing so, this festival seeks to support and participate in sustaining an intellectually stimulating public square”.

The event was held on October 19-25, 2020. 

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