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Mexican MICMX to host ‘Sheep Will Devour Us’

Iran’s ‘Sheep Will Devour Us’ is to vie at the MICMX in Mexico.

Iranian short flick ‘Sheep Will Devour Us’ has been scheduled to vie at the Itinerant Film Exhibition MX (MICMX) in Mexico.

Directed by Mostafa Rostampour, the short flick is among the selected works to compete at the International Short Film competition section of the Mexican event’s second edition.

‘Sheep Will Devour Us’ is about a woman named Tahereh, who is a victim of very young age marriage.

She, who has suffered the aftermath of such a tradition, is trying hard to avoid such destiny for her younger sister.

The film has already been screened at a number of global events, including the Heritage film festival in the US, the Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival in Spain, and the Eastern Europe International Movie Awards in Turkey.

According to the official website of the MICMX, it “is an international exhibition that seeks to promote the exhibition of all kinds of proposals made with or without the investment of large studios or production companies, making a positive contribution to the development of world film culture”.

This year’s edition of the event is set to be held on November 27-December 12.