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ifilm to bring you new series ‘Ahoo of the Ninth Month’

ifilm English Channel is to air ‘Ahoo of the Ninth Month’ on November 25.

TV series ‘Ahoo of the Ninth Month’ has been scheduled to go on ifilm screen from tonight at 23:00 GMT.

Directed by Masoud Navabi, the series revolves around the life of a woman named Ahoo.

A synopsis to the series reads, “Ahoo sees some images of the past in her dreams. Wandering to find out more about her vague past and determined to find some clue, she goes to the village where she lived as a child. She meets an old villager who has lived in the same village and finds him as a bridge to her past”.

The cast of the series includes Faqiheh Soltani, Ali-Asghar Hemmat, Anahita Hemmati, Nasser Gitijah, Rambod Shekarabi, Mehdi Faqih and Zohreh Hamidi.

The series is replacing ‘The Passion to Fly’ and will be aired every night at 23:00. It is also scheduled to be repeated the next day at 5:00, 11:00, and 17:00 (GMT).

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