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Iranian ‘This One Minute’ to vie in the UK

Iranian ‘This One Minute’ is to compete at the 2020 London Int’l Motion Picture Awards in the UK.

Iranian short flick ‘This One Minute’ has been selected to compete at the 5th edition of the London International Motion Picture Awards (LIMPA) in the UK.

Directed by Behrouz Baqeri, the short film narrates the story of a number of young people who participate in a mental aggressive game and get into trouble.

A synopsis of the short film reads, “In today's world, people are being transformed into new slaves by social media and mobile phone addiction and greed for money and fame. What is the way of salvation when we are caught?”

Also written by Baqeri, the cast of the film includes Alireza Tajer, Ali Jamali, Niloufar Lak, and Doris Heidari.

The annual LIMPA aims to spread film culture and create a space for filmmakers to progress and to connect to each other.

The 5th edition of the festival will screen more than 200 films, including short films, music videos, and feature films.

The 2020 edition of the event is slated for December 1.