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Cinema Vérité to present ‘Acasa, My Home’

The 14th Cinema Vérité is to present ‘Acasa, My Home’ by Romanian filmmaker Radu Ciorniciuc.

The 14th edition of the Cinema Vérité, Iran’s major international documentary festival, has scheduled to present ‘Acasa, My Home’ by Romanian filmmaker Radu Ciorniciuc.

The acclaimed documentary, a co-production of Romania, Finland and Germany, will be screened at the World’s Best section of the Cinema Vérité.

‘Acasa, My Home’ tells the story of the Enache family, nine kids and their parents, who has been living for two decades in a shack in the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta, an abandoned water reservoir and one of the largest urban natural preserves in the world, with lakes and hundreds of species of animals and rare plants.

When the authorities decide to reclaim this rare urban ecosystem, the Enache family is evicted and told to resettle in the city — a reality they know nothing about.

The kids, who used to spend their days in nature, have to learn about city life, go to school instead of swimming in the lake, and swap their fishing rods for mobile phones.

Their identity has been questioned and transformed, along with their sense of freedom and family ties.

The film has been screened at a large number of international events and won several awards.

The Sundance Film Festival honored it with the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Cinematography.

Winning the Big Stamp and Small Stamp (presented by the Young Jury), the documentary was selected as best film at the Regional Competition of the 16th International Documentary Film Festival ZagrebDox in Croatia.

Earlier, the Cinema Vérité organizers announced that a selection of documentaries praised at 2020 edition of several international events would be reviewed during a special section titled “World’s Best”.

This year, the event has also dedicated a special section to screening documentaries on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organizers of the festival have received more than 130 submissions on the pandemic in the COVID-19 category.

The top works in this category will be honored at the closing ceremony, while the international section of the festival is non-competitive this year.

The 14th edition of the Cinema Vérité will be held online due to the coronavirus outbreak on December 8-15, 2020.

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