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Cinema Verite unveils nominees of National Competition Section

The 14th Cinéma Vérité announces nominees of the National Competition Section.

The 14th edition of Cinéma Vérité, Iran’s major international festival for documentary films, has announced the lineup of nominees at the National Competition Section.

The nominees are as follows:

Best Short Documentary's Director:

  • ‘Brother Form the Barrens’ by Ali Asadi, Rasoul Davari
  • ‘Always Night, Always Day’ by Yaser Khayyer
  • ‘About Father, About Death’ by Farhad Behbahani
  • ‘Vayu’ by Panah Barkhoda , Rezaei
  • ‘Parizad’ by Mahdi Emani Shahmirzadi
  • ‘Khanjan’by Babak Taheri

Best Semi-Length Documentary's Director:

  • ‘Kal Fatemeh’ by Mahdi Zamanpour Kiasari
  • ‘On the Ground’ by Mohsen Khan Jahani
  • ‘F-A’ by Farshad Ektesabi
  • ‘Return’ by Farhad Varham
  • ‘Houbara’ by Fathollah Amiri, Nima Asqari

Best Feature-Length Documentaries' Director:

  • ‘Fill in the Blanks’ by Atiyeh Zare Arandi
  • ‘Tattoo Your Dreams’ by Mahdi Ganji
  • ‘House’ by Afsaneh Salari
  • ‘Eighteen Thousand Feet’ by Mahdi Shamohammadi
  • ‘Drink Dealer’ by Mohammad Hassan Damanzan
  • ‘Dawn Is There’ by Mohsen Jahani, Hashem Masoudi

Best Researcher:

  • ‘Iranian Animation’ by Mehrdad Sheikhan
  • ‘Taher’ by Amir Masoud Hosseini
  • ‘Return’ by Farhad Varham
  • ‘On the Ground’ by Mohsen Khan Jahani
  • ‘Mir & Mar’ by Amin Pakrou

Best Cameraman:

  • ‘Kal Fatemeh’ by Davoud Rahmani
  • ‘Tattoo Your Dreams’ by Mohammad Haddadi
  • ‘Brother Form the Barrens’ by Rasoul Davari
  • ‘The Last Breath’ by Faraz Fadaeian
  • ‘Vayu’ by Farshid Azari

Best Sound:

  • ‘Dry Pond Dragonfly’, Arash Qasemi (Sound Design)
  • ‘Tattoo Your Dreams’, Hassan Shabankareh & Ahmad Saberi (Sound Reorder)
  • ‘Fill in the Blanks’, Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimi (Sound Design)
  • ‘Rashow’, Amir Hossein Sadeqi (Sound Design)
  • ‘Kal Fatemeh’, Arash Qasemi (Sound Design)

Best Edit:

  • ‘Brother Form the Barrens’, Babak Heidari
  •  ‘Fill in the Blanks’, Mohaddeseh Golchin Arefi
  • ‘Parizad’, Sadra Sharq
  • ‘Tattoo Your Dreams’, Amir Adibpour
  • ‘Houbara’, Mostafa Gandomkar, Sogol Moradi

Best Narration Writing:

  • ‘Taher’, Narration Writer: Amir Masoud Hosseini, Narrator: Siamak Safari
  • ‘Return’, Narration Writer: Farhad Varham, Narrator: Shahram Derakhshan
  • ‘On the Ground’, Narration Writer: Mohsen Khankahani, Shahram Derakhshan, Narrator: Shahram Derakhshan

Best Music:

  • ‘Eighteen Thousand Feet ‘, Afshin Azizi
  • ‘House’, Sheida Shahabi
  • ‘Brother Form the Barrens’, Yashar Etaati
  • ‘Rashow’, Saba Dedaie
  • ‘Last Breathes’, Kiavosh Saheb Nasaq
  • ‘Dry Pond Dragonfly’, Sohrab Shahidi

Best Producer:

  • ‘Kal Fatemeh’, Somayeh Zeraatkar, Mahdi Zamanour Kiasari
  • ‘Fill in the Blanks’, Atiyeh Zareh Avandi
  • ‘Iranian Animation’, Mehrdad Sheikhan
  • ‘Brother Form the Barrens’, Ali Asadi, Rasoul Davoudi
  • ‘Eighteen Thousand Feet’, Mahdi Shahmohammadi


Due to the covid-19, the festival was organized entirely online while the international section of the festival has been non-competitive this year.  

The Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) organizes the festival every year which showcases the very best of the documentary world to bridge the gap what they term between reality and truth.

Cinema Verite has several sections, including National, International, and Martyr Avini Prize, Entrepreneurship Documentary Competition, Coronavirus Special Section, Side Sections and commemorations.